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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pigs must be flying!!!

Well, lookie here…. This is a strange thing happening… I’m actually BLOGGING!!! It’s been far too long, and so many things have gone on and happened in the past few months. June was a busy month, and July just got worse. I think I’ve been in Canada now most of the summer and we finally have a time of being back home and trying to resume our normal life.

Things have been backed up and busy, I’m so very sorry to all of my readers and to companies. I know I owe some reviews, I owe some giveaways and I have some winners to announce which I’ll get to in a quick second.

Home is now back in order thank goodness and finally feeling like my own home again, we’ve put our flood behind us and put our house back in order finally. It seems like the never ending issues have finally stopped between disasters, financial difficulties, deaths and who knows what else went on, these past few months were an absolute blur but it’s made me cherish the time I have with my family that’s for sure.

Thankfully though, with all the downfalls this past month me and hubby were able to take some time out for ourselves for once as a couple. Two weekends in a row in fact with TNA wrestling and Beyonce in concert, we were getting a little used to the time together and I really think we need to find a way to do that more often.

I’ve also seemed to be doing well with my diet and exercise program as I’m now down 3 sizes since I started in January, I’ve been doing a traditional eat healthier and exercise method without the help of any of the best diet pills and I’ve seemed to be able to do it. Now I just can’t slack off and stop, I still have a long way to go.

We’re getting ready for Lyric to start school next month. Her first year of school, she’ll be heading to Kindergarten and she’s so excited, unlike her mama who’s scared $*itless of her going to school. We’ve got a whole crew of friends and family who are coming down to celebrate her going to school, she’ll have a tribe with her to drop her off and pick her up on her first day, which is probably more for my own support than to support her. I just may not cry if I have everyone else there.

Both my girls are sick right now, so I don’t have a lot of time to myself today with two whiney children begging for my attention every two seconds because “they feel sick”. The drama is great when these two are sick, especially my oldest. Tonight I’ll have a nice blog about my great Beyonce concert event thanks to Event Chasers, and I’ll also have a few great reviews and giveaways coming up as well.

As of today, I’m back on track with the blogging and hopefully won’t be gone again for such a long period of time. And since I need to get this done instead of putting this off till tonight I’ll announce all the winners in a separate post (this is already long enough!).


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I was beginning to thing you were never going to blog again!

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

Glad things seem to be getting better for you, and that you and your hubby got to spend some time together.
Hope the rest of your summer continues to rise up!