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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Helpful Tips for Guys...

The way to a girl’s heart definitely different from the way to a guy’s heart, cooking and food is really not the way to win us over, however give us some beautiful jewelry and you can win us on the spot! That is, if you pick the right item of jewelry. Many times the worst mistake a man can make when purchasing jewelry is the item he picks out.

Thinking he’s done well, often times it’s a big mistake. We don’t always like a big chunky blinged out necklace, sometimes simple is best. Something we can wear to any occasion and yet show off the beauty of the piece at the same time without being overwhelmed. Normally this isn’t the case, most of the time guys to pretty well, but I know, especially with my husband, they’re always open to suggestions and tips to get the perfect gift for their women.

That’s why Bella True has come around and provided an entire section on their website to help all those clueless men out there on how to shop for the best, and the right kind of jewelry for a gift and for their girl. Helping out men to figure out what piece is best for the right occasion such as an anniversary or birthday or if they need to purchase their next ‘I’m Sorry’ gift, Bella True’s tips for guys has some great help and suggestions.

Let’s face it, men know nothing about birth stones or the gift for that year of anniversary, so Bella True is helping them out with their at-a-glance guide which helps match birthstones and gemstones to the right dates and lets them know which anniversary gift is best for that year by jewelry and gem stones.

Guys, listen up you really need to head this advice given over at Bella True, don’t just guess, use the tools that are right there in front of you, and you’ll be out of the doghouse and we’ll be forever grateful!

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