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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally, it's my home...

This summer from the start has probably been a summer I’ll never forget. We’ve been so busy with things and unexpected trips that it’s flying by, I actually don’t mind though, I’d rather this summer be over and done with quickly. With all the things that have happened these past few months/weeks, I’m glad to see summer go. I guess the only bright side of things is that I can think, what more could go wrong? Everything and anything you could expect bad to happen did, and I pray there’s no more in store.

Starting with the lovely flood we had in June which resulted in our bathroom and kitchen being torn apart and me taking off for a few weeks. Sometimes I’m kind of glad the flood happened, I mean I got a newly decorated bathroom and kitchen out of it, things that needed to be done anyways, I just wish it didn’t have to happen the way it did.

My house was in shambles for weeks, even after my return, the overwhelming process of putting everything back, and having to clean up the contractors mess, I’m still finding dust in places and it’s aggravating! The only plus side, I’ve been able to spruce up the rooms with some great home decor and I’ve even found some kitchen furniture as well that I’ve put into the kitchen and/or hope to order soon.

The house is looking better than ever, it’s finally after 2 years starting to look like our home rather than the previous owners, now if I can just get the guts to paint the bedrooms we’d be great, I hope to get the girls room done sooner rather than later as they’re getting older and need a little more color and organization in there, especially with Lyric going to school this year.

I could chronicle my attempts to paint I guess right here on the blog, that could make for some funny vlogs and pictures for you all to enjoy. I have no idea how to paint, and I’m the type of person who starts something and then gets so frustrated I make my hubby finish….Hmmm I think I may have to look into this a little more…

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