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Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm a TNA virgin!

It seems funny to say yes, but it’s true. I’ve been to so many WWE shows/live events over the years, I can’t count anymore, I’ve had countless ‘stalking’ adventures outside the arena’s met so many great superstars over the years, yet I have never been to a TNA show, or met any of the TNA wrestlers (including those who HAVE been with the WWE in the past).

As of July 10th I’ll be popping my TNA cherry!!! This week while I’ve been up in Canada I was reading online that TNA was coming to Hamilton (where I’m at now). I rose up in an uproar and immediately called hubby telling him the news. Now being up here for 2 weeks already (and another to go) I only had a total of $130 left in my account for the trip, could I afford to buy the tickets? Should I wipe my account clean to buy the tickets? The decisions I had to make! The first step was to see what seats were actually left.

As I ventured to the Ticketmaster website I plugged in that I would need two tickets in the best available seats. To my surprise there were a ton of seats left, FLOOR SEATS at that! Five rows from the ring, right smack dab in the center. There was no more question, the tickets were ordered! Hubby told me that they would be my birthday gift (as my 31st 25 birthday is 2 days later on the 12th) and that if I bought the tickets he’d put the money back into my account on payday.

So, July 10, 2009 at Copps Coliseum I’ll be sitting 5 rows from the ring, having my first live TNA experience, getting the chance to see my favorite duo Lethal Consequences, and my favorite diva Knockout Victoria, and heck, who knows by then who else will be on the TNA roster, perhaps my old friend Elijah Burke will have his contract as well.

I’m so broke for the rest of the week, I was hoping while I was up here I'd possibly be able to find some diet pills that really work, although I've been doing well with my weight loss being up in Canada on vacation has put me on a setback, and i want to look my best for my hottie Consequences Creed, but I’m so excited for July to come I'll just step up my game and work harder till then. TNA wrestlers keep your eyes open for me, the Wrestling Addicted Mommy is coming out to see you! Hopefully I'll get to meet all my favorites and have a great blog to post with some even better pictures after I return from a great night of LIVE wrestling with TNA!

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