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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Event Chasers

Are you ever just sitting there, drifitng into thoughts on the Outer Banks of your mind, thinking about how you wish you could go to that great next sporting event, concert or show? How you'd love to feature the very next one on your own blog even? How would you go about doing that without shelling out some major cash that right now you just might not have? Well, I've found the solution and it has to do with my very exciting announcement; I’m now a part of a great thing called the EventChaser team! EventChaser allows bloggers to participate in various adventures around their areas including sports events, concerts, theater and more. By using RazorGator you can now search for many of these activities including concert tickets near you and this is where I'll be finding the activities I hope to blog about.

I can’t wait to blog about some great wrestling events and concerts in the very near future. I'll have my very own pair of Beyonce tickets in hand very soon and will be blogging about the great show! If you want to get in on the action to, just visit the EventChaser website at for more details on how you can become a correspondent too.


taysmommy said...

Yay! Congrats G!

Annette said...

OMFG thank you so much for this info! I'm a certified concert junkie...been to two shows in the last week. I've signed up with them and they've already contacted me back. Squeeeeeeeee!

You're my hero! <3

Angie Marion said...