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Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 2....

We're on week 2 of being up in Canada. I really wish I brought some of my press releases and calender and such with me. I'm so behind on my blogging and can imagine that being up here for three week's it's just going to get worse as the days go by.

My traffic is going to start to dwindle, but I know my loyal readers will stick by and still be here when I'm officially back. Being home I don't get much time to get online, or near the computer at all. By the time the girls are in bed I'm pretty wiped out from our day and I hit the sack myself.

I've been updated on the construction in our home. The contractors started work on Friday and already have the new dry wall up for the ceiling put in place in the kitchen. I got to do some of the fun stuff while I was here, shopping in home depot for paint colors, new lighting fixtures, bathroom sink/vanity and new floor tiles for both the kitchen and bathroom. After 2 days of going through Home Depot to make sure I didn't miss something great. We come to find out that everything in the Canadian Home Depot is different than the American. So while I was able to find the same paint all the tile, fixtures and vanity's were all different with all different SKU numbers.

Hubby ventured into Home Depot with me on the phone and tried to find similar things to what I had picked out. I guess I'll be surprised once I get home, let's just hope it's not horrible! I'll just be glad to see all of the industrial equipment supplies gone and my house dust free and put back together.

So while I'm on my little 'vacation' I guess you could call it, please bare with me. I'll try to blog a little this week if I find the time, at least to put up some daily freebies and keep you all updated on my little renovation journey, and of course to update any winners I have to announce.

Like today, we have the winner of the $50 Gift Certificate to SWAKdesigns....

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CONGRATS!! I'll be contacting you via email shortly. The winner will have 72hrs to email me their information after the first initial email sent. If the winner fails to contact me they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen.


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I hope you are finding some time to relax and enjoy yourself!

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