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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toss the boring bandages for some Ouchies!!

I’ve never been a huge fan of character inspired anything. If I can find an alternative 9 times out of 10 that’s what I’ll be doing but band-aids just seem to be that sort of thing that when they’ve got a character on it, they make the girls feel so much better.

When I found a new brand of bandages without displays of Dora or Spongebob all over them I was thrilled! They were still colorful and playful enough that the girls wouldn’t mind the bandage without the characters.

Ouchies was started by a dad who was sick of the boring beige bandages and came up with this super cute concept. Their motto is “Hide your wound, not your style”. The bandages come in really funky tins ($5.00) with 20 bandages inside, perfect for kids of any age’s even teens! The bandages come in three different styles:

- Teen-Ages Boy Bands (not boy bands like you’re thinking)
- Tenn-Ages Girl Bands
- Make Your Own (which comes equip with Sharpies!)

My girls loved these bandages and it really did help them with their ‘battle wounds’ a little more, especially when they could create their own personalized bandage while I was cleaning up their wound. Heck, I even like these funky colored bandages and have been seen wearing them on occasion.

My only gripe is that they are not latex free, which is a downside, I’d love to see that changed in the future.

You can find out more about Ouchies Bandages and check out their ever changing line by visiting their website at

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