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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday...

I don't do a lot of Meme's anymore, but I figured it was time for me to do a Tackle It Tuesday. As I sat here thinking of what to blog about next my head wondered into the place I least want it to go. WORKING OUT! I've seemed to have gotten bored, lost my motivation and hit a plateau where I personally haven't seen any weight loss (or gain so that's a good thing, yet I feel so out of it, so unmotivated so BORED with my current diet and exercise routine.

So for today, instead of tackling something directly inside my home, I'm going to tackle the home of all homes, my body! I'm going to get off this couch as soon as this post is written, pop in my 5K Walk at Home dvd, and get to working out. I gotta get this fat off me somehow, be healthy and stop just settling for the weight loss I have done! I need more motivation, I need a change, but that too will come once I get back into my routine!

Then to tackle my insides, I'm going to clean out that pantry and kitchen and organize my food from healthy/my foods, to the bad snacks for hubby and the kiddos so they're out of my way and out of my direct site. So I guess you can say that I am actually doing a typical tackle your home Tackle It Tuesday, I'm just looking at it in a different light, instead of just a cleaning and organizing my home for the purpose of it looking clean, I'm doing it for my body's benefit in acting clean, looking lean and feeling great!

Once that's all done, I'm going to treck outside and tackle that front lawn and get it cut since no one else is going to do it anytime soon! The back was done by me yesterday and I thought I'd leave the front for my hubby, but it seems like that was a stupid thing to even think of. So off I'll go to get it cut and trimmed and fresh looking so it doesn't look like a wild jungle is starting to sprout out in front of my home.

What's on your list for your Tackle It Tuesday? Anything you need to tackle but have just been putting off? Get to it! Join me and a bunch of other bloggers and TACKLE IT TUESDAY!!! I'll update my post with my 'after' pics of my lawn and pantry tonight once I get a moment to sit down and blog again!

1 comment:

pam said...

You are one busy girl today! Good luck with all your goals.