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Friday, May 8, 2009


Seriously, I hate my new neighbors. They’ve been moved in for about a month now and things haven’t gotten any better. Not only is the woman a loud ass who curses at her children and screams like a banshee, but they apparently think that they’re the only people in the neighborhood as well.

There’s many a days where they will SPEED into their driveway honking horns because they’re too lazy to get out of the car to get the other person who they’re picking up, they scream at the top of their lungs at each other when they’re outside, and inside. They’re just loud obnoxious people! Oh and let’s not forget that they actually THREATENED my previous neighbors that they needed to move out faster OR ELSE she would kick her quote “white ass”.

Now, I confess I can be one to blast my music during the afternoon sometimes, normally though, it’s just blasting through my house, you can BARELY hear it outside even with my windows open. My neighbors however think that the entire neighborhood has to hear their music. It’s not horrible music by any means, they listen to basically what we listen to but I don’t want to hear it, especially when I’m sitting here TRYING to blog and/or watching my shows on TV, or even god forbid trying to listen to my own music. We don’t censor much of our music around our kids but we try NOT to listen to things with the N word and Mother F***** everywhere in a song. I’m one of the biggest Tupac fans you’ll find, but um, that’s not something I listen to loudly around my children. My neighbors on the other hand don’t give a fuck apparently (excuse my language as I sit here writing they’re blasting some 70s music and it’s annoying), as they’ll blast Tupac or any other early 90s gansta rap out their house.

Maybe I should pick up Lyric’s Hannah Montana/Kids Bop cd’s and put it into my home theater system and CRANK IT UP to see exactly how they’d like NOT to hear their own music in their own home…Why do people have NO RESPECT! This is something I’d intend to encounter if we were still living in an apartment or townhouse, but no, we OWN our home and we still have to go through this crap now thanks to these new disrespectful neighbors.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? Have you ever had horrible neighbors, tell me your story.


Heather said...

Yes! I know just what you mean. I've learned that there's this magical excuse called "quiet hours" in my townhouse complex. My new neighbors listen to that awful thumping music and it actually SHAKES our walls. I called the police, but was told the "quiet hours" don't start until ten. So, I held the phone to the wall, they came over right away. Listening to music that disturbs other people is disturbing the peace. I was able to get my neighbors to turn off their music (and move!) because of the decibles at which they were playing their music. Don't back down. We can't expect complete quiet, and who does, but we can expect to have a reasonable level of noise. Call your local police and have them visit the neighbors. Believe me, as soon as the police pulled up to the curb, they went directly to my neighbors before they even came to my door. Just remember to follow thru when you file a complaint. The police will give you the complaint number and when you can expect to be able to pick it up. Pick it up and keep filing them. Some people don't want to "get involved" but that's because they're pussies. Stand up for yourself and your family. Don't let your neighborhood go to the dogs. Good luck

lfhpueblo said...

Find out by calling your county courthouse if there is a noise ordinance in your county/city.
If there is you and other neighbors in your neighborhood need to start calling the police/deputies when they are disturbing the peace in any regards. Make sure in your county/city that police/deputy officials are not suppose to tell the accused who called in the complaint. They'll be warned a few times, but after that they'll get ticketed. Enough tickets and they'll have to go to court.
If there's no noise ordinance, find out how to start petitions, how many signatures will be needed and by when, to get one in place. That information should also be able to be gleened from your county/city courthouse.
Many people in my community are trying to get one in place, because there are some who want to make everyone else's existence
H-E-Double L (hockey sticks)!
I don't have a next door neighbor like this, but a person half way down the block and I can hear their music and the words in my house. I feel sorry for the people who live right next door to them. People around here are tired of it and we call the deputies even if there is not yet a noise ordinance.

Angie Marion said...

Have you tried talking to them? They probably WON'T listen though, from how you described them, but if you have to, call the cops.

A couple of weeks ago I had neighbor TEENAGERS of mine in our public courtyard playing this heavy metal music - drum set and all! Saturday they did it but I was gone all day so when I got home and they were doing it, I dealt with it because it wasn't long but when they started doing it the next day, I called the cops. they told me that the noise law doesn't start until 11 but they would come out anyway and ask them to stop, and they did.

You could try that.

itsahumanzoo said...

I just made a neighbor post the other day!

Also, we live in apartment and the people that are upstairs are so freaking loud. Sometimes they have their tv so loud that I can tell what they're watching. One morning after my husband left to work I was laying in bed with the kids and we could hear the upstairs neighbors doing their business. My three year old asked me what that noise was, and I told him they were jumping on the bed.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I think your neighbor was our old neighbor and the reason why we moved!

Some people are just rotten :(

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Thank goodness I live in the country with no real close neighbors. I'd go crazy. The only problem I had was 4-wheelers across the road on someone else land, making a racket, it was late at night, & was going on quite often. I called the law & have never had a problem again.

The Mind of a Mom said...

I came over to your blog from twitter and was reading your first post and thought oh my gosh when did you move into my neighborhood!! LoL ~ I have one that also. We live across the street and can hear her screaming at the kids inside out house with the windows!! She is in her house when the screaming happens. I feel your pain (in the ass)
Hang in there