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Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's talk COUPONS!!!

I’ll admit, I’m great at finding freebies, and great bargains. Heck I’m even good at finding coupons online for things, what I’m not good at is actually printing out, clipping and using these coupons for said items. Even if I happened to have coupons for a great store like Dansko and save on some shoes, forget it. I either don’t want to bother with the small amount of work that needs to be done, or I forget them at home.

This week I decided to change that. I’ve searched around the internet on and found a few great blogs with some great advice. I printed out the coupons that I would actually need/want/use, clipped them and brought them out to the store (Walmart) with me.

I did my regular grocery trip so it was a pretty big run, but I did remember to use every coupon I had. I even had some advice from one place that told me I could use two coupons (from different coupon sources) on one package of yogurt. I was stoked; I was gonna save me some cash!!!!!

Once we got to checkout I had everything organized with coupons etc. Everything was good until it got to my yogurt. “You can’t use both coupons with this” said the cashier “HUH? I was told you could”, “No you can’t” as she tried to scan the second coupon. WELL BOO!! That one little coupon put a damper on my couponing.

I saved a whopping $16 bucks on my groceries. I guess that’s good I only used coupons on things I needed and this was my first week actually using them, I did expect to save more, but maybe I’m a bit delusional. I guess I need to organize more, shop in more than one place for things as well.

So I’m a bit confused now, how do I do this? How do I use more than 1 coupon on a product, where can I find the best coupons and what are some good tips?


Sheila R said...

You can usually use a Manufacter's Coupon with a Store coupon like Target or whatever.
A good tip is to match coupons with sale items. You can get things cheaply that way.
A good place to get coupons is by emailing companies and requesting coupons or complimenting the companies you like a lot. Some send coupons for free items. Just go to their website and click the "contact us" button and fill it out. I have saved a bundle by spending the time contacting the company. Look for places that double coupons as well. Hope that helps and Welcome to the Wonderful World of COUPONING!

Sheila R said...

Also sign up for companies email lists they will email you coupons to print as well. There are places that will send you coupon booklets thru the mail too.

Kerri said...

Don't give up hope!! It took me about 2 months just to get the couponing down!

I noticed that you signed up for a coupon site, BUT may I recommend NOT to go there, beware of their ads and well, spam mail, AND viruses! I belonged there, when it didn't go corporate.

So, with that said, I know you don't know me from Adam, but is a 'newer' site that the majority of their active members went. I'm kerri12377 there ...

Good luck on your new adventure! Here's to free toothpaste!