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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Allergy Season...

The weather has been great lately, the warm sun, and the cool breeze and all the blooming flowers, a perfect setting for…….ALLERGIES!!!! Along with spring, in my house comes sniffling and sneezing, itchy watery eyes, you name it, with all of us allergy season is in full force.
Sometimes thinking that heading indoors for relief of allergies we don’t realize that indoor levels of many pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. I never even thought of that before, I’m sure a lot of people haven’t. Indoor pollutants are one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health. In fact, many seasonal activities such as cooking, spring cleaning and redecorating can spread indoor pollutants. Did you know:

• Poor indoor air quality can cause a lack of concentration in school-aged children (Journal of Indoor Air)

• Every year, asthma accounts for an estimated three million lost work days for adults and over ten million lost school days for children (American Lung Association's Trends in Asthma Morbidity and Mortality)

The past president of the American Lung Association of the City of New York Dr. Neil Schachter, M.D., suggests a "home health check-up" to help make your home a healthier place to live. He recommends avoiding cleaning products that contain ammonia or chlorine, and limiting your pet's access to certain areas of the home, including the bedroom. A high performance air filter, such as a Filtrete filter, may also help improve indoor air quality. Listen to these tips and more on Dr. Schachter's podcast on While you're there, play the Filtrete Clean Air Fact or Fiction to test your knowledge of indoor air quality. You could win a home inspection from Steve Ramos, featured home inspector on HGTV's House Detective.

It’s recommended that you change your air filter at the start of each season, or every three months. I always forget to do this! By the time I change my filter it’s usually well past the time it needs to be changed. 3M the makers of Filtrete filters knows that busy mom’s like myself often forget this task and have since come up with the Clean Air Club. Now receive seasonal e-newsletters featuring special offers, filter change reminders, better home living tips and more. Plus, if you’re one of the first 50 people to sign up each will you could win a free bamboo plant which is a natural air purifier.

I think this is a really great idea, especially if you’re like me and always forget to change that filter, I’ve already signed myself up, and hopefully this will keep our allergies in check!

Thanks To: Mom Central

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sam.nechvatal said...

It is difficult to remember to change the filters out. There is a company called RiteTimeFilters that will send your Filtrete filters to you automatically every 3 months.