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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrestlemania went out with a bomb...

Last night was the ‘Superbowl’ of wrestling! Wrestlemania celebrated its 25th anniversary last night and my hubby and I were glued to the TV in anticipation of a great night of wrestling. Unfortunately this year, we weren’t able to head to Texas to be a part of this great event like we have in past years, but that’s ok. We’re looking forward to traveling to Arizona next year to yet again be part of it.

Wrestlemania started off with a great match. The Money In The Bank match, my pulls were for Shelton, who has been in EVERY Money In The Bank match and still outshines and outperforms a lot of the guys in this match but gets shafted every year. And again, this year was no different. The MVP’s of the entire match were Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston by far, but who do they give it to, for the second year in a row? CM PUNK!!! What bull, give it to a guy who number one isn’t that great of a wrestler in fact I’m surprised he’s still with the WWE, and give it to someone the fans are obviously over with by now. Way to go WWE, you’ve surprised us fans yet again with some crap.

The rest of the matches were great, I’d go through all of them, but those who watched know which matches went on, and those who didn’t well I’m sure you know by now, or else you don’t even care. One thing I was surprised to see was a long performance by Kid Rock, and lucky us, we got to miss out on a great tag team unification match. What was that all about? The unification match ended up being a dark match before Wrestlemania aired, yet us fans at home got to see Kid Rock perform instead of a great match most of us were actually interested in.

Best matches of the night by far were the Hardy’s match, Money In The Bank and the HBK/Undertaker match. I for one was rooting for Shawn Michaels, I’m not an Undertaker fan, never have been, never will be. I’d love to see his streak over and done with and who would have been better to do it than HBK. Yet, here’s a situation that was brought up last night between me and my hubby. Cena won his match last night as well, to date; I don’t think he’s ever lost a Wrestlemania match. Hmmm, can someone see an undefeated streak slowly and quietly making a mark here? Will Cena be the one to take The Undertaker down soon? Will he defeat him at a Wrestlmania? They’re not going to let some new guy with no story or credits behind him do it, and who’s more of the face of WWE than John Cena? Something to ponder….

My most anticipated match of the night was the main event. Triple H vs. Randy Orton. This was set to be a hell of a match, the drama that has been going on for weeks was about to pay off in the ring. The start of the match was great, then, out of now where you could tell these guys were getting tired. The match slowed down and it was over, in an instant. No drama, No hard hitting, no blood, no nothing. What was that about? The most anticipated match of the night and it came to a crawl and BOMBED! The Undertaker vs. HBK match should have been the Main event if this is the way it was scripted to go.

Overall, I think Wrestlemania 25 was pretty decent. Better than the past few years I think, at least the majority of the matches. Now we await the draft, we await Backlash, and I start saving my money for my travel package for Wrestlemania 26!


collyn23 said...

i agree with money in the bank I was rooting for kofi and the Hardy match was awesome I love the hardy's i got every hardy show season haha I still thought Jeff was gonna win and end matts bad guy persona but matt does such a awesome bad guy and I was disappointed with the triple H and orton match I dislike orton with a passion but I think the match could of been better hmm the whole cena beating undertaker interesting definitely would be a cool ending but I still wonder if they will let undertaker retire with the winning streak thats the only thing taker has anymore he has gotten very boring and predictable thanks for sharing we are looking forward to backlash and the draft. I would love to go to AZ for wrestle mania 2010

Vicky H. said...

Hi, first time I'm posting on something that isn't a giveaway, but I wanted to point out that Cena isn't undefeated.
He lost in last year's Wrestlemania in a Triple Threat Match against HHH and Orton (who won).

Oh, and I was cheering for Undertaker, who I've been a fan of since I was 5 - when he first appeared. So I was happy. :D

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Wrestlemania 25 too! It was worth the money. There were some great matches. I enjoyed the Hardy's match. Jeff Hardy is so flamboyant and he takes such awesome risks. He is always breathtaking to watch. John Cena fought a great match as well. It was unbelieveable to see him pick up the Big Show and Edge at the same time. He has such strength and he's not a bad actor either. I have to say he is my favorite wrestler.

Gina said...

Vicky, you're right, I forgot about that. So I guess our theory is out the window lol.. They could spin it as undefeated singles matches though.. Who knows lol

Vicky H. said...

Well, whomever they choose to end the streak, either way, will make it worth our while. That is, unless 'Taker retires after a specific number - I'd say 20 or 25 if that's the case.