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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pre-vacation Sale at Fiber Gourmet

One of my favorite places to buy pasta. Fiber Gourmet is having a Pre-Vacation sale on their site. Their offices will be closed from April 8 - April 16 for inventory and a staff vacation. Since they won't be shipping during that time, they are offering a 15% discount on all orders placed before then, using the coupon-code: VACATION15

If your looking to get more fiber in your life, pasta from Fiber Gourmet is the best way. Low calorie, High Fiber, Low carbs and some of the best tasting pasta around. I prefer Fiber Gourmet pasta well over any whole wheat pasta that you can buy in your local grocery store. We're trying to get more fiber in our lives and I really hate cutting out pasta, normally we have used whole wheat but there's more fiber and less calories in Fiber Gourmet pasta than any brand of whole wheat pasta I've tried or seen. Head over to Fiber Gourmet before April 8th to get your order in. And don't forget about the 15% off coupon code VACATION15.

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