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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old World Style Sauce...

The Italian girl in me is so used to homemade tomato sauce from Mom or Nonna. It’s so good, nothing can replace it, not even my own homemade sauce, something just isn’t right. Until my adult life, I’ve never tried ‘canned’ sauces like Ragu, and honestly I really don’t use them much now they were more of the type of thing I’d use in college when I needed something cheap and easy to prepare and didn't want to bother with taking the time to cook my own sauce.

Recently I received coupons to purchase two new flavors of Ragu’s Old World Style Sauces, Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita. Being as this isn’t something we normally eat, I was a bit weary of what my family would think, but off to the store I went to grocery shop and to pick up my two free jars.
Pasta was going to be for dinner that night, which is always a family favorite but would they mind the not so homemade pasta sauce? I was looking forward to seeing how they would all react to this new flavor. I tried the Sweet Tomato Basil sauce that night and everyone ate it up without a word until I asked if they liked dinner and told them what we were eating. The girls don’t really know the difference but hubby was pretty pleased with the Ragu sauce, and truthfully so was I. For a jarred sauce I can say Ragu was pretty good, not as good as my sauce of course but it wasn’t bad at all!

One thing I can say I like having is the nutritional information at hand, makes things a lot easier for me when using a sauce in a different dish where I’m trying to figure out calories, and Ragu is perfect for using in other recipes, like using it as a pizza sauce which is what I think we’ll do with the next jar.

Ragu isn’t only trying to give us yummy meals but they’ve also got some great nutritional, parenting and time-management tips available with the help of Food Network’s Robin Miller and Registered Dietician Sylvia Klinger on their website

Thanks To: Mom Central

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