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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Message Board for not just Mom's but Women..

Normally this isn't something I do, I've actually put a lot of Mommies 'N Babies behind me, but with a lot of changes, some great ones, and the board has shifted into more of a Woman's board than a Mommy board. With new faces taking control, new ideas, and more fun I'm helping them out by advertising a great message board, for not just Mom's but all Women from all walks of life.

When you come to you will see lots of different forums to chat in. From Just random things, blogs, kids, relationships, a place to rant/vent/whine, hot deals, jokes, pictures. You name it Mommies 'N Babies has it, and if they don't just make a suggestion, they're always looking for great new ideas. Mommies 'N Babies is a great place to find friendship with other women around the world. There's so many women from all walks of life on Mommies 'N Babies, from college girls, single, engaged, newly married, trying to conceive, pregnant, a mom or those who have been there done all that and beyond. There's no one type of woman you'll encounter at Mommies 'N Babies.


Once you have registered your account, go to the Introduce Yourself Room, hit New Thread and post a little intro about yourself. After that, go to the Newbie Room, go to the Newbie Questions post, copy the questions, then post a new thread, paste the questions, answer them, and you're now able to view and post in the entire board.

Mommies 'N Babies is a very open, no censor forum. Don't ever feel that you have to hide something, we're all about freedom of speech and ideas, a place where you can be yourself regardless of others opinions of you. Sure we have a few basic rules and guidelines that should be followed out of respect, but Mommies 'N Babies wants their board to be your board too.

Hope to see you there soon and don't forget to pass this along to other women who you think would be interested in a great fun community where you can meet lots of others, just like you!!!

**Mommies 'N Babies is a Woman's Only forum**


Leslie said...

Thanks for the support Gina.

Dianne said...

Thanks for all of your support Gina!