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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook, the death of a real relationship?

Facebook is one of the many places you can find me on any given day. I love Facebook, it’s a way for me to keep in touch with family and friends I don’t see much, and share updated pictures of the girls. It’s a fun way to keep people informed on what’s going on in my life.

The status updates though, sometimes kill me. I know I know I flood status updates like crazy whenever there’s some wrestling going on, I’m guilty as charged to my defense though, I’m on Twitter more than I am on Facebook and have attached my Twitter status to Facebook so whenever I ‘tweet’ my Facebook gets updated. I personally love seeing people who change their status updates frequently, even if it’s a status update about your latest acne skin treatment, I’m nosey, it makes me feel like I’m still part of my friends/families lives even though I’m miles away.

Status updates aside, I think the most annoying thing has to be the relationship status updates. Mine always stays the same, I’m married, but if I was to suddenly change my relationship status on Facebook there would be an uproar of questions, phone calls and emails about what’s going on. I’ve seen many of my ‘single’ friends relationship updates changed from week to week or month to month with all the overflowing questions of ‘what happened’ coinciding with the status change. The most pathetic use of it, is when there’s a fight, one changes their status as soon as they can get to the nearest computer to make the other person mad or jealous right away. Things change from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” to “single” in a matter of minutes sometimes.

I wonder what it is that makes the Facebook relationship status hold so much power. I mean are we not all supposed to be adults (at least within my circle of Facebook friends)? Do we really need to publically air our relationship ups and downs and ‘status’ via the computer and internet?

Is it a means of attention? What does it mean for the person who was just ‘dumped’? Is it fair for their relationship to be aired all over facebook if they’re not the ones to change up their status every minute of every day whenever they get into a fight?

It’s a unraveling cycle that happens once your relationship status changes, firs you get attention, then you get a reaction, then the other person gets questioned, then it’s all out on the world wide web what’s going on with your relationship and the gossip starts, the bashing begins and then, in a matter of hours or days, the fight is over and you work things out, then the status changes back again.

This becomes tiresome to those of us on the outside of the relationship, and eventually it’s just an inevitable thing that the relationship status has changed, once again and no longer surprising, so the attention wears off, the questions stop, and it’s just the ‘again?!’ comments that will flood your status change.

What do you think of the Facebook relationship status changes? How sick do you get of them if you have single friends who constantly change it, should it be there at all if you’re going to change it as much as you change your underwear?


Petula said...

I actually haven't noticed any relationship status updates/changes. I think I changed mine from married to it's complicated (since I'm going through a divorce) and I'll probably change it one more time once it's finalized. I didn't know that it let everyone know you have a relationship change because no one said anything ... well, one person said they "noticed" it so I assumed they had been checking out my page.

I wouldn't be changing it back and forth though. Even if I happen to get into another relationship I wouldn't. I don't plan on getting married again so I don't think that'll be a problem.

turisuna said...

As long as I don't marry someone, my status will always single (Even I have bf now).
I don't mind if someone likes to change his/her status, may be it's the way they express their feeling.