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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Freebies...

Excuse my lack of blogging for the past few days, and today. I think I may have caught whatever it was that Aria had for the past few days. I feel so sick and pukey, but I'm also bored, so I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing, so as every day, here's my daily freebies for today. Let's hope I shake this quickly, I have a ton of cleaning to do from the weekend including cleaning my area rugs from all the dog hair that's around, maybe I can get at least that done today without throwing up.

~ Parents Free Pedometer for the first 1,000

~ Stenson Free Sample of All American Cologne

~ Walmart Free Sample of Goodnites

~ Nursery Water Free Bag Tag - 100 per Day

~ RewardsGold Free Subscription to Forbes Magazine

~ Playtex Free Sample of Playtex Sport

~ Costco Free Poise Pad Sample (Canada)

~ Earthbound Farm Organic Free Tote Bag for the first 10,000 per week (US & Canada)

~ Halle Berry Free Sample of Halle Fragrance

~ Walmart Free Gain Scent Sample and Coupon

~ Sylk Free Personal Lubricant Sample (UK)

~ Kroger Free Mighty Leaf Tea Sample

~ RewardsGold Free Subscription to Prevention

~ Gillette Fusion Free $10 Coupon (Canada)

~ Redwood Creek Free Trouts Unlimited Poster

~ Kiwi Magazine Free Subscription and Earth's Best Coupons

~ Smoking Papers Free Samples (UK)

~ Walmart Free Poise Liner or Ultrathin Pad Sample

~ GoodNites Free GoodNites Boxers Sample

~ Walmart Free Gilette Shampoo Sample

~ Costco Free Sample of Kotex Light Days Pantiliners (Canada)


Leane said...

Ewww....hope you feel better really soon. Cleaning always makes me feel worse, or so I tell the family.....that way I can get them to try to do it.

Petula said...

I hope you feel better.

Thanks for the freebies!

AnonyMom said...

Oh no!! I hate being sick!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!