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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creativity, Imagination and Easy Reading...

Reading is a must in our house. From chapter books to board books, to activity books, the girls have them all, and they enjoy reading or listening to stories just as much as they enjoy any of their toys.

Leslie Patricelli is an author with some really great and creative books for preschoolers. Since we’re still working on reading with both the girls, fun and bright illustrations are a great way to get them creative and get their imagination kicked into gear when one of us aren’t reading to them and Leslie Patricelli’s books are full of fun illustrations along with an easy to read fun story.

Higher! Higher! Is enjoyed by both the girls. A story about a little girl being pushed on a swing by her daddy, something all little girls enjoy, who wants to go “Higher! Higher!” she meets some new friends as she swings so high she finds herself in outer space. The book is colorful and bright and with very little words, it’s a great book for those early learning readers as well.

Leslie Patricelli also has a very cute board book called Baby Happy Baby Sad. This is another book full of wonderful illustrations that can invoke imagination in your children. The book is about what makes babies happy, and what makes babies sad. It’s a very cute book as you turn the pages and see what exactly makes baby happy and baby sad you’ll have a little chuckle with your kids while reading.

These books are great for babies to early readers. We’re just now getting around to teaching Lyric to read and with the simplicity of the words in these books, she’s able to follow along and learn very easily, but at the same time Aria who’s still a bit too young to read, loves to follow along with the pages and pictures.

You can find and purchase Leslie Patricelli's books Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy Baby Sad at or by visiting

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