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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brighten Your Kids Rooms quickly and easily...

Spring time is here, that means a lot of spring cleaning in my home. This year, that includes getting this house to finally being MY house and not the previous owner’s house. This all starts off with the girl’s room, because of course as a mom, my kids always come first and I always come last.

The girls share a room, so one thing we don’t want to do is go character specific, I want the look and theme of their room to last beyond just their preschool years. So without going into character graphics we’ve decided to use a few ‘removable’ items that can spruce up their room just right.

One of the items we found to be a great addition to their room is removable stickers, specifically the Removable wall graphics from Bright Star Kids. These are a great alternative to wallpaper or even boarders that might be worn over time, or even tired of as children get older. With them being removable there’s not a lot of work to go into just taking them off the wall. The girls love the colorful and bright Spots & Dots that are sure to last for many years to come. And if they don’t, we’ll it’s as easy as just pulling them off the wall.

Bright Star Kids is a growing business based in Australia that creates premium removable wall graphics and personalized kid’s labels. Not only can you find removable wall graphics such as the Spots & Dots ones we have, but you can also find some great removable chalkboard dots, labels and even themed graphics such as dino’s, fairy princess, or rocket ships and beyond.

Our Spots & Dots wall graphics kit includes 6 sheets with 96 wall decals that come in a range of colors such as ocean blue, sunflower orange, bright pink, cherry red, lovely lime, and golden yellow. Colors to match any room d├ęcor or just brighten up those boring white walls.

Bright Star Kids are perfect for those not only in their own home, but also for those in apartment or rental setting where paint on walls may be an issue as they’re easily removable leaving no residue or color on your walls. You’ll never know they were ever there.

Check out the Spots & Dots as well as all the other great removable wall graphics available at Bright Star Kids by visiting their website. Even though they’re based in Australia I can say from experience their shipping is quick (most US customers get their products within 2-3 weeks) and their products are shipped in a protective packaging.

Bright Star Kids also wants to give a great discount to my readers, from now through April 25, 2009 you can get 20% off your entire order by using the code FAMILYREVIEW during your checkout (promotional code section).

So what are you waiting for, check out Bright Star Kids and start decorating your kiddos rooms easily.

Thanks To: Family Review Network


pam said...

I really like these.

Petula said...

These are very cool. I've thought about doing something like this in my younger children's room. My three youngest share a room. It would be nice to be in a bigger place to make each space more personalized, but this is a great option.

Yelena said...

Great decorating ideas. Wall stickers, especially colorful dots are a new hot thing in decorating.