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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ack! Easter Dinner?!?! What to make?

I can’t believe how fast time is going. I’ve only got ten more days to prepare for Easter, and I haven’t even started my shopping! Never mind the menu I need to prepare for on Easter Dinner. We’ve got family coming down, and I haven’t even started thinking!

As I search the web, I remembered that there was this great website from Unilever called Making Life Better; I’ve spoken about it before. You can find affordable, easy, delicious meal ideas and tips to stretch your dollar just a bit further. So quickly I headed over there to see what I could find. The only thing I know for sure is my mom is bringing over a nice big Turkey, but I have to come up with all the rest.

I found the perfect thing for early Easter Sunday for all of us adults while the girls are tearing up the place looking for their chocolate and Easter Eggs. A White Tea Mimosa, which seems to be short on the calories (with a few tweaks), but big on the taste, something I’ll be trying out just to get us all kicked into gear.

Are you stuck for Easter Dinner or Brunch ideas like me? Be sure to check out even for your everyday meal ideas or if your just looking for ways to save some cash, the site has a lot of tips and tricks not just for meal ideas.

Another thing Unilever is doing to help us keep some more of our bucks, is giving up to $20 back on a ham or turkey purchase by mail when you buy $40 or more in Unilever products during the month of April. You’ll be able to find the coupon in Sundays Newspaper (April 5th).

Thanks To: Mom Central

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