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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

That seems to be all I've been doing for the past few hours. Waiting for everyone else to get ready to go. I've planned for the past day or so to head to Niagara Falls, so it's nothing new, as I said I wanted to leave early. Yet here we are, or rather, here I am at 11:04am waiting, waiting, waiting for everyone else to get ready.

Why can't everyone get up early, get dressed, and be ready to go? I wanted be be there already, and especially be out of the house before noon.

So I sit here and wait, and I'm bored off my rocker, so I've blogged, I've searched around for sales manager jobs in Canada too. You know, just in case there's something better here, I always think about moving back home whenever we come up, it's a dream though. Things are so much more expensive up here right now.

But, I guess I should go, I'm sure there's something else I can get accomplished. Hopefully we make it sometime soon to Niagara Falls, oh and I hope it's not freezing when we get there.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

Hope the day gets better, sounds like every trip I try to take including the grocery store lol.