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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rope those photos!

Looking for a really cool alternative to photo frames? Look no further than the Magnetic Photo Rope ($12) from Photojojo!

These really cool Magnetic Photo Ropes are a fun new way to display your photos, also perfect for a child’s room or dorm room with little space. The metal rope has a small weight on the end and comes with 8 small magnets (not recommended if you have smaller children in the home, the magnets are really small). The magnets allow you to hang the photo directly on the rope as to make them look like they’re just hanging there.

You can change photos easily and as many time as you want, without ruining the photos or having to have the hassle of taking photos in and out of frames. You can purchase these magnate photo ropes in five different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Black and White).

Visit Photojojo for more great products including these great Magnetic Photo Ropes, another perfect gift for the holidays!

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