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Friday, March 20, 2009

A resouce to healing your families skin...

Neosporin is probably the number 1 first aid product you have to have in your home if you have children. It’s not enough to keep just one tube around either. Even though I have girls, they’re so clumsy and always rough housing, it’s a must have in our house. You’ll find one in the first aid kit, one in the junk drawer downstairs, and even one in my purse.

Did you know that Neosporin + Pain Relief First Aid Antibiotic/Pain Relieving Ointment and Cream is the #1 doctor recommended brand to prevent infection and provide temporary relief of pain or discomfort in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns? It’s good to know, because it’s the #1 ointment and cream we turn to whenever we need something for those icky cuts/scrapes.

Neosporin is great for use on kids because it doesn’t sting! And that’s a big plus when it comes to cleaning the cuts on a child. My favorite thing that Neosporin has come up with though is the Neo To Go Spray-On. What more could a mom ask for to have in her purse. Especially with the warmer weather coming up, trips to the park, you know those cuts and scrapes are going to happen and the Neo To Go Spray-On is just the thing. With it being nice and small and compact, it’s easy to just slip in your purse and go.

Neosporin not only gives great pain relief and aids against infection, but it’s also very good and preventing those icky scars that you don’t want hanging around once your injury is healed. Funny thing is, just as I got my samples, I had just run out of our last tube of Neosporin and I was just about to buy some more. It’s a must have to make sure even the smallest scrapes aren’t getting infected. Neosporin is a hit with me, my kids and our first aid kit!

Thanks to Mom Central

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