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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Perfect Fit... I think not...

Yesterday Rodney took me to the mall shopping. I need new jeans, my usual ones are too big and basically I'm swimming in them... Which is great, especially when you're trying to loose weight. Well, Rodney the sweet sweet husband that he is, got me a $100 Gift Card to Lane Bryant for Valentine's Day.

Here's the thing.... I'm not, and never have been a big fan of Lane Bryant, their clothing, not really my style. In fact, they are a little bit shall I say, old ladyish for me. It's rare that I find anything I like in there, but hey, I can't blame the guy for trying and giving me such a sweet gift. So yesterday was the day we'd head off to the mall and spend my Gift Certificate.

As soon as we walked into Lane Bryant the first words that came out of my mouth were "wow it's empty". Seriously the walls were pretty bare, and there were not heaps of clothes to look at. I headed straight for the jeans, only to realize they have these new "Right Fit" jeans going on. Not impressed. I know my size I'd like to see it go down, and now I have to have these jeans that are made for my body that go from a size 1 and up.

I got frustrated right away, I started pouting, yes that's right, i started pouting.... I couldn't find ANYTHING in that store that even looked remotely like something I would wear. After Rodney and the girls left me in the store to look around without distraction, I left myself. I just felt awful. I had already tried on 2 pairs of jeans that I thought were cute, and yea, they were not made for my curves, according to Lane Bryant I would be a blue circle, not a red triangle or yellow square, but guess what.... The blue circle jeans were UGLY plain and simple. I'm super picky with jeans and Lane Bryant wasn't cutting it. Not only were all their jeans either Bootcut or Flare, but the jeans that were supposed to fit me just right, were ugly. I tried them on and they were baggy in the legs which I hate. I wanted some cute, straight leg skinny jeans but they were no where to be found.

After I left the dreaded store, I found the girls and Rodney who were just about to sit down at the table with some cookies for a snack. I broke down into tears... I hate shopping in the "fat girl store". I'm loosing weight and I still have to shop at the "fat girl store" and never mind the fact that I don't even know what size I am now because stupid Lane Bryant just decided to make things much worse by changing the sizing. So I'm sitting in tears at the mall in the food court, how much of an idiot am I?

So we went back to Lane Bryant, after trying on a few more pairs, which yes, are not my "right fit" size Lane Bryant, I finally found a pair I could deal with, even though they were still not cute, or fit me how I wanted. Huffng and puffing because I now hate this store even more than I first did, I looked around at their bras and panties, picked up a few of those, and found a top I could deal with as well.

I still have $40 left of my gift card and am about to go spend it online at that horrid store. Lane Bryant needs to get their stuff straight. Those Right Fit jeans are awful, go back to normal sizing....I think that store made me feel 10x worse about myself than I already did, even with knowing I've lost weight, trying on their new 'right fit' line just made me feel awful!


Anonymous said...

Aww, I know how you feel. I hate Lane Bryant too!!! I much rather shop at Fashion Bug where the clothes at least try to be less old ladyish, though they kind of still are. Well pat yourself on the back for at least going back, gritting your teeth and finding something!
I was blog hopping and found your blog... :-)

Amanda said...

Gina!! HUGGGSSSS!!! I know how you feel. I feel the same way everytime I go shopping. it's depressing.