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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Magical Miniature Treasures...

I’ve raved about the cute Bella Sara trading cards before that we’ve received. My girls just love horses and fantasy so the cards are a hit with my girls (even though they seem to LOOSE THEM!).

Bella Sara has now come out with even more exciting collectibles with Bella Sara Treasure & Miniatures. Imagination is now in the palm of your children’s hands…Bella Sara Treasure & Miniatures collection now gives young fans the chance to use their imagination even further as they enter the world of North of North.

The Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection is the first line of Bella Sara velvety horse miniatures. Each package features a soft mini horse figurine that is modeled after the beautiful horses in the Bella Sara series. There are 20 toys to collect, trade, display and cherish. Included with each mini horse is a stand so that your horse can stand on its own upright, or to let you use it as a game piece or just to bring with you and share in your Bella Sara adventures. Inside the package you will also find a bonus code which you can use online to reveal an animated horse statute for your Bella Sara cottage, as well as a full-color checklist.

With the Bella Sara Treasures (the 8th series in the Bella Sara trading card line) you’ll find inspirational treasures from the horses of Bella Sara’s land of North of North that they cherish and protect. Each horse has a unique treasure to share with your child. Your child will discover rare jewels, amazing natural wonders, historical artifacts and fantastic magical items.

Treasures bring even more excitement to New printable activities, bonus codes, coloring pages, wallpapers and more can be found. There are also 27 brand new horses to become friends with. Each pack comes with the usual collectible cards (5) as well as a card checklist, mini-game and my girls favorite…Bella Sara stickers and tattoos.

My girls just love the Bella Sara series of horses, and I’m sure yours would enjoy them as well. To find out more information or to view other Bella Sara products just head over to the Bella Sara website

Thanks to: Team Mom

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