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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Don't Want To Miss....A PSA contest....

Getting the flu is no fun, especially if you’re an active, social teen. All the things you miss out on once you get sick, to a teen, is just DEVESTATING!!! That’s why Brook White, a former American Idol finalist has teamed up with Dr. Harley Rotbart the author of Germ Proof Your Kids and also an infectious disease specialist, as well as the Clorox Company to bring you I Don’t Want To Miss… This is a national contest that brings teens into the know and encourages them to learn and speak about flu education and prevention.

The main focus of the program is a PSA contest to which teens can submit a short 45-60 second video entry to the website They can share what they wouldn’t want to miss out on and why flu prevention is important to them because of it. This gives some teens some creativity as well as teaching them about flu prevention.

For the first time this year, the CDC expanded flu vaccination guidelines to include all children six months through 18 years old. However, a new national survey shows that only 16% of parents with teens are aware of this new recommendation.

The winning contestant will win an acoustic concert from former American Idol finalist Brooke White at his/her school! The second place winner will receive a guitar autographed by Brooke White herself, and three runners-up will win autographed photos.

Don’t miss out on this PSA contest, get your teen involved. Visit to enter or to check out more details.

Thanks to: Mom Central

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