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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hidden Valley Ranch: Love Your Veggies

As a parent, you know that games are high up on the ‘must have’ list when it comes to kids. It seems so many, especially my own, kids just love to play games, and can play any sort of game from board games to electronic games all day every day if you allow them to.

So why not use the time play games with kids to help out their own health? We all know how hard it can be to get those little ones to eat their veggies and now Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing wants to help you out a little bit more with their new Veggie Adventures game.

Veggie Adventures is a new online game (a free online game) for parents to use to help their kids find that love for vegetables. With three different games possible to play it gives your children a great time, and fun while giving them more of an understanding and love to eat those vegetables. After they’ve finished a game, there’s even a really cute certificate you can print out, so that your child knows they’ve accomplished something great, and to serve as a reminder of just how great those vegetables are!

Younger kids will have a great time with these cute little games, and the girls really loved to have a certificate of their own printed out to show their accomplishments. Head over and try out Veggie Adventures with your child, and give them more power of knowledge about veggies!

Thanks to: Mom Central

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