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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting an education in todays economy...

With today’s economy it’s not hard to ask yourself if you should be looking for a different job, or even going back to school. With so many people worried about losing their current jobs, going back to school to train for something better is a viable option.

St. Joseph’s University is offering online management certificates in different field areas. A degree from a respected university, during your off time at home, may be something to look into. It’s hard to get a job right now, so maybe learning something new will prepare you for the future, or the ‘what if’ situation if you do lose your job.

Choose carefully when looking at online courses though, you want to make sure the university is accredited and respected in the working world. There’s nothing worse than having a degree on your resume from a joke of a school. St. Joseph’s University is not only respected but accredited and has many more online degree’s and certificates other than management programs, they also have PMP exam preparation courses which can help you as well.

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