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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How To "Save Face" With Family Without Spending A Dime

With my new laptop came a great new webcam built in. I have yet to use it, but see it being used in the very near future. With family and friends all hours away and the price of traveling increasing, face to face communication always isn’t possible. Thanks to a great new place called the girls and I can now talk to family and friends, face to face sitting in our very own living room and not traveling a mile.

The ooVoo video chat service allows up to six people to participant in the same conversation, it also offers file sharing and the ability to record video chat sessions and the best thing yet… You can do this all FOR FREE! Yes, all for free (say goodbye to expensive phone bills!) as well as no download required (just need a webcam and speakers or a headset!)

As the mainstream continues to communicate online and technology advances, ooVoo has come up with a “Top 5 Tips” of how they can help you cut back on extraneous costs, while still enjoying “face-to-face” time – without budging from your home or spending a dime.

1. Family torn apart living paycheck to paycheck? Start a routine every morning at breakfast with your children video chatting with their daddy who may be commuting far from home. Now it’s possible to still have the whole family sit around the kitchen table – even from a far.

2. Can’t afford that family reunion trip this year? Now Grandma and Grandpa can blow kisses goodnight to their grandkids in New Jersey while relaxing in Boca.

3. If you’re a new mom and can’t get out of the house but still want to hang with the gals? Schedule a weekly “gal pal video video room” – or better yet, a “bitch session video room” with as many as 5 of your closest friends. Now it’s possible to have a glass of wine and gossip with your friends, from the comfort of your own home!

4. Are you or a loved one currently unemployed? Cut back on travel expenses and save time on long commutes for job interviews via ooVoo’s video chat that allows file sharing, recording, playback and can host up to six participants at one time – connect with executives from across the globe. Impress your potential business colleagues with your tech savvy too!

5. Alternatively if you’re not close to public transportation and are in a bind with a commuter job (and no car!) or must go to an on-site job interview that can’t be avoided – keep it green (and save your green!) through global car rental company Vroom Vroom Vroom ( The site allows rates and amenity comparisons for all classes of vehicles from major car rental companies—Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty–with a lowest price guarantee. And no matter what the needs of your trip – a hybrid or compact car for better fuel efficiency, or an SUV to fit the family and your luggage--the site offsets carbon emissions for every car rented through the site, at no cost to the customer. With a lowest online price guarantee, Vroom Vroom Vroom will not only refund them the difference in price, they’ll give them $10 for their trouble.

Check out for your next chat session with your family or friends.

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