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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

50 years of Johnson's

Happy Anniversary Johnson’s baby products!!! Can you believe that Johnson’s baby products have been around for 50 years!!! It’s not often you find a company or products around that long anymore. I know I used Johnson’s products on my girls, my mom used it on me as well, and to think, her mom probably used them on her too. Think of the generations that Johnson’s has helped clean and care for.

My girls aren’t babies anymore, but we still use a lot of Johnson’s products for their sensitive skin. Products like the Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Foaming Wash and the Baby Bubble Bath & Wash are still used in our home, and make the girls smell wonderful. Plus with the No-More-Tears formula it’s something safe to use, and I don’t have to hear the whines and cries about soap in the eyes.

Johnson’s has even gone high tech, you can check out their new channel on YouTube called Johnson’s Baby Channel.

The think I like about Johnson’s products is that they are also free of dyes and are hypoallergenic, so I feel safe using them on my girls sensitive skin. Heck, I’ll admit it, sometimes I even find myself using their products still.

So Happy Anniversary Johnson’s I hope you’re around for another 50 years!!

Thanks to: Mom Central

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