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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

So I decided to start doing something a little different on my blog. I’m going to start doing something called Wordy Wednesday. Each Wednesday I’ll talk about a topic that one of my readers give me, so be sure to comment on each weeks Wordy Wednesday with a topic for me to write about the next week.

This week I’m taking a topic that my lovely friend Lauren gave me. My hatred for chest hair!!! It seems like an odd hatred to have but it’s one I have none the less. Where it stems from I have no idea, but just the thought, just the look of it turns me off and makes me gag.

Take for instance my friend Elijah. Before we became friends I had a huge crush on him, yes, he’s a former WWE Superstar. Anyways, his previous look was great, nice built body, soft, sleek and DAMN he looked good. Well since being released from WWE and him trying out a new ‘gimmick’ he’s transformed into hmmm some could say…. A Bear! I can’t even look at his pictures the same anymore. I haven’t said anything to him directly (and Elijah, if your reading this I do love you dearly), but that rug on his chest NEEDS TO GO!!!! Compare the following pictures….. On the left we have hot Elijah with a sleek hairless chest….On the right, we have MAN HAIR! A rug perhaps attached to this formerly fine man’s body…. You compare and let me know what’s more attractive, because the chest hair is just not.

I don’t see how some women can even bare to be around it. Running their fingers through some man’s chest hair ICK GROSS… I guess that rules out any kissing or licking of the chest, do you get it stuck in between your teeth? ~SHUDDERS~ I can’t do it ladies, I just can’t.

Lucky for me Rodney has VERY LITTLE chest hair. I have noticed though, as he gets older these little stray hairs seem to be popping up… I’ve requested nicely a few times that he needs to start shaving or waxing and if he doesn’t adhear to that request soon, I think he might find me on top of him with a bit of wax and some strips to get them off…..

What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay for chest hair? And don’t forget, leave me a topic for next week’s Wordy Wednesday!


._. said...

hahah I just busted out laughing.. I didn't think you were actually going to use it ^_^

well..... I've already told you I don't mind chest hair LOL. As long as it's not like.. an overwhelming rug on the guys chest. I like it sometimes-- it's a very delicate balance I assure you. I like to play with it.. hahaha.
I think baby smooth chests on men are actually a lil odd.
I am still cracking up haha

hmmm next week.. next week oh gah, I have nothing Lol I'll come back ^_^


JenReg said...

Uh Nay on the chest hair! What's worse is back hair...that completely grosses me out! I like your new's fun.

I think you should talk about the toiletpaper roll going under or over. My hubby and I have big issues with this. We have talked about it forever (silly, huh?), but I insist it goes over, and I've showed him, yet he still puts it so the toilet paper goes under!! Drives me nuts. I think if men went potty as much as us, they'd find it easier to grab the end if it went over...just my opinion!

Dianne said...

would waxing Rodney's chest be considered a form of Domestic Discipline?


Gil's Wifey said...

ohh Gina I hear ya! I can not stand chest hair lol or even worse back hair!

this is a great idea btw!

and I think that domestic dominance should be next weeks topic lol

Leslie said...

Gah..chest hair! Yuck. What I think is worse is BACK HAIR!! *gag*

Next week talk about your dream vacation!

taysmommy said...

Maybe if ya keep asking nice enough Rodney will get of those pesky hairs poppin gup...tehehehe!

next week talk about...the most outrageous thing you have ever done :)

Annie said...

Oh ick... chest hair is top 5 on my list of "Things Most Likely To Make Me Vomit All Over Myself"

Lori said...

My hubby has similar issues. He has about six hairs currently, and I constantly imagine grabbing the tweezers and plucking them.

Cascia said...

That's funny! Men that are too hairy are kind of gross. But if they can't afford a wax job, then what?

Tan said...

Hi ... I have a small question ... how did you make that small box in the right hand side top of your blog, which I can paste in my blog and your blog's logo will appear there ... can you tell me this??

One more thing ... what is this Giveaway thing all about?

I'm ignorant of these ... please throw some light :)

Thanks for the help, in advance ...

Petula said...

This gave me a little chuckle! I definitely like him better without the chest hair. (He is one very fine speciMAN in that pic!) I don't like the beady chest hair, but there are some that's smooth and fine that's not too bad. My soon to be ex had very little chest hair and it was/is soft and fine.

Hmmm.... topic for next week? Booty panties. You know the ones that give your booty a little boost if you don't have one. LOL. Good invention or no?