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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Relaxed and Refreshed...

Do you have tired eyes? Puffiness, dark circles, irritation or signs of aging around your eyes? I know that hitting 30 I've become much more aware of my skin and any fine lines that seem to be creeping up on me. A great new product that I found to help rejuvenate my eyes is called EyeSlices.

EyeSlices come in a great little green compact case and each Eye Slice is sealed individually until your ready to use them. The slices themselves are almost like a gel pad and they're coated in a light solution (which is what's going to help you get rid of all the above mentioned). They're really easy to use, and are cool and refreshing. You simply take them out of the compact, place them over your eyes, and sit there for about 10 minutes (and try to get some relaxation in). The Eye Slices are reusable and can be used for up to 5 treatments of 10 minutes each.

I loved the refreshed feeling I had once I was done with my 'treatment', my eyes feel moisturized and although I don't have noticeably fine lines to anyone else but myself, I can notice a difference using these for a few days.

These are great for a quick refreshing moment to yourself, and to get that extra pampering in that you might not get. Keep yourself looking refreshed, moisturized and young. Check out more about EyeSlices on their website


Petula said...

These sound really great! I turned 40 last year and I remember getting to my 30s and seeing those fine lines. Thankfully, I started using products to minimize the lines and the one you're talking about seems right up my alley. Good review.

Kristin said...

So relaxing, these look fun!