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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life is hectic...

Life as a mom is HECTIC! With running a household, taking care of kids, as well as trying to take care of myself at the same time, life gets crazy! It's hard enough to take on the tasks of daily life, never mind trying to keep them organized in one way or another, it's a lot of hard work. Thanks to Mom Central for getting the word out and trying to help us busy families out.

That's why there's a place like a tool to help you and your family get just a little more organized and less chaotic. You can use Cozi to make your schedules a little more organized with color coded entries for each family member, you can also keep your grocery list, recipes and other little notes for yourself there as well. And it's not just an on-line tool. You can use Cozi both on the web or use it right on your desktop, you just have to download it. It's a great tool that all family members can access and you can even keep fun to post pictures or make a photo collage for all to see.

All you have to do is set up each family member you'd like to be able to view your cozi lists/calender. They can then add or edit information or just see what's going on. Another great feature is that users can also send notes to each other and/or view the calender items via their cell phones or PDA. Best of all... is absolutely FREE!

In addition to the ways that moms can get their shopping lists and calendars already on any mobile phone via text message and using their toll free number, Cozi now has a mobile version especially for the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones. Families can now sign-in and access their Cozi account using their mobile web browsers. They can add and edit shopping lists and view and edit their family calendar using the mobile version of Cozi right from their iPhone. This is a new feature! You can learn more about it here:

This is a great service that any busy mom or family could use to make their life just a little more easier and less hectic. Check it out at

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