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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Freebies!!!

Yet again I've slacked and slacked....I'm trying to keep up, I truly am, I'm sorry to those who actually like and look forward to seeing the daily freebies.

So I'll do the past few days that I've missed right here. From the weekend up till today, here are some of your daily freebies... I wonder, do any of you have a 'stockpile' of freebies like I do? I mean seriously, if people come to stay by my house and they forget toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, anything, I've got it, all in trial sizes of course but for traveling or for guests these are great!

Anyways, enough of my blabbing, here's your freebies....

~ Eukanuba Free Puppy Pack (UK)

~ Enfamil Lipil Free Formula Sample

~ Purina Free MyKitten Welcome Kit (Canada)

~ Flexitol Free Skin Care Sample of your Choice

~ Splenda Free Sweetener Sample with Fiber

~ Nicoderm CQ Free Sample (Non-Medicated) and $7 Coupon

~ Walmart Free SoyJoy Bar Sample

~ Elle Free Shampoo and Conditioner Samples (Canada)

~ RewardsGold Free Subscription to Woman's Day

~ Twinings Free Tea Sample (UK)

~ Kiwi Magazine Free Subscription and Earth's Best Coupons

~ Herbal Essences Free Samples (UK)

~ Purina Free MyPuppy Welcome Kit (Canada)

~ Pampers Free Potty Training Kit (US & Canada)

~ RewardsGold Free Subscription to Interview

~ MapMyRun Free Sample of Febreze Sport

~ Walmart Free Sample of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

~ Bestcare Free Sample of Himalayan Salt (UK)

~ Suave Free Full Size Bottle of Suave today only

And there you have it, the full list of freebies I've been forgetting to post. I hope you enjoy them and add them to your freebie stockpile!

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