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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Got Barack

The Presidential Inauguration is not far away. On January 20th 2009 history will be made and the entire world will be watching as President Elect Barack Obama is sworn in to be our next President of the United States!

I know as a family even though my girls are pretty young, we'll be watching and in the future the girls will know the significance of this and remember it for days to come. One way you can celebrate this historical event as well is to get your kids in on the excitement.

Tough Cookies has the cutest line of Barack Obama tee's and onesies for your little ones. Why not let them join in on the fun and excitement and be “Obama Chic” while they wear tee's such as “Baby Got Barack” and “Barack-A-Bye Baby”.

Check out Tough Cookies website for these cute tee's and onesies as well as many other items

1 comment:

jamaise said...

I know - how exciting right? I worked for the local Obama campaign office & my kids became envolded in the excitement too. These shirts would be great for my little one.