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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Say Cheese!!!

Parents Magazine not only carries great advice and articles in their monthly magazine, but they also have a great line of toys. Parents philosophy is “When a toy does less, the child does more”. I have to agree with this statement, watching children use their imaginations and creativity is much more fun and enjoyable than having a toy that can do it all for you.

One really cute toy that Parents has is the Look-At-Me camera. Thanks to Team Mom we were able to check it out. It's for the younger crowd than what my kids are (12 months and up) so they weren't so interested in it, I had a friend stop by with her daughter that's younger than my two so we tested it out on her.

The camera features are really cute. It has a big mirrored lens on the front and it moves like a real lens would as well so that you can pick your settings to take your 'pretend' picture. There's a button on the back so that when you go to take your picture some cute little music plays, the shutter button make shutter noises and there's also another button on top that shouts out phrases like “Smile”, and “Say Cheese” as well as a bunch of other ones.

The camera isn't annoying and loud like a lot of other ones can be, the music is short as are the phrases and other sounds the camera makes.

This is perfect for your little shutter bugs that might just be a little too young for the real thing. You can check out more about the camera by visiting Parents or Target.

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