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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Fresh Smell of Evergreens

I just LOVE the smell of evergreens, and although with allergies in our household we can't have a real Christmas tree in our home (the smell with allergies would be just too overwhelming) I just love to have the smell burning in candles or in air fresheners, some way to get that hint of evergreen in my home throughout the Christmas season.

When I had the opportunity to review a fresh wreath from Grandma D's Tree & Wreath Farm I had to jump at it, this was a beautiful and small way to get that great smell of evergreens in my home that wouldn't be overpowering enough for the allergies that lurk in my home.

The wreath itself is just gorgeous! Also it's pretty large, I didn't expect it to be so full and alive with life. The wreath is so big, that it almost pushes out my storm door when it's hanging on my interior door facing the outside, but I love it none the less. Being shipped in a box, fresh from the farm, I was a little worried at first about it falling apart and whatnot, but to my surprise only a few needles shed and it didn't even make a difference on the wreath that's how little they were. I've had the wreath for I can say almost a week now, and it's slight fragrance is refreshing and it still looks as full, beautiful and green as it did the first day it got to my home.

This is my first Christmas Wreath, I've honestly never really been a fan of them before, but now, this wreath has changed my mind. I am just in love with it. I can't see not having a beautiful, big, fresh wreath hanging from my door each Christmas season now.

If your not a fan of the dusty old fake wreaths you can buy just about anywhere and are looking to make your house a little more fragrant and festive looking, check out Wreaths Direct and head over to Grandma D's Wreath Farm, once you have your wreath in hand, you'll wonder why you've never gotten anything like that sooner.

And if you head over there now to order, you can have a special FREE SHIPPING code. Just visit Wreaths Direct and enter the code W0834 at checkout and you can receive FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING (US Only). Add to your home with this great wreath and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING you can get with it...

Visit for more information.

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3 Gs For The Holidays @ Mommy Daddy Blog! said...

Lol, dusty old fake wreaths! Love our fresh wreath, I'm passing it on to my mother.

Momstart said...

we like our wreath as well they smell so good.