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Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's No Place Like Home!!!

So I've been slacking on my blog I know....I'm still up in Canada and it feels like forever since I've logged in to check email or even post on my blog. I'm having a blast up here with the girls, and with my friends and family, but boy...I'm really starting to miss MY HOME!

I especially miss my husband, it's been 3 weeks since we've seen each other and I can't wait for him to get here tomorrow night! He's been training for his job out in Cleveland so it was either come up here, or stay home and bored with me and just the girls, I think we made the right decision.

However, the amount of EATING I seem to do here is nuts, like I need to pack on the pounds anymore, I feel like i'm part of the bacon of the month club or something right now. Day 1 back home means day 1 of a new diet and exercise program that's for sure. Yes, trying to diet during the holidays is probably the WORST TIME EVER to even try but it's got to be done.

I've just recently noticed how big and gross I've let myself get, and I never once in a million years thought I would say that... I need to get back to my pre-preggo weight or at least close to it, and that's going to be my goal again once I get home and onto and after the new year.

Maybe a weightloss blog is in order? Or should I just keep it all on one blog? I don' t know if I could keep up with more than 1 blog, those who do have more than 1 blog, how do to keep the balance? Any advice? Keep 1 blog or spawn a weightloss blog?


Tara said...

I can totaly relate with the weight loss struggle. I actually created my blog just because I thought perhaps it would help me. And so far this year I have lost 45 lbs...because of all the encouragement from other bloggers.. RIght now grrr I am in a slump..but I really think it helps so much to have support even if its from strangers :)

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I would keep it to one blog, lots of Moms can relate to the weight loss issues. I am going to start dieting too, and I am going to keep it on one blog because just the one is hard enough to keep up with. Just make one day your weightloss blogging day where you weigh in or whatever so you can keep yourself motivated knowing that others are holding you accountable!

Jackie B. said...

I can totally relate too! I am not a blogger but I do read lots of them! I am gonna be looking to lose some serios weight myself. I do not know if it is possible for me during the holidays but I will definitely try hard after the holidays. I am disgusted with myself and my health is suffering the extra weight. I will encourage/support you if you do the same with me!