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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reading with music

My girls love to read, give them any book and they can sit there and make up their own stories just by looking at the pictures. One thing we strive to do with the girls is read to them each and every night before bed, it's something we all look forward to. Sometimes though with a late bedtime or busy lives, we have to overlook one or two nights where a story just won't be read, the girls still bring books to bed with them, but now we've got an even better idea thanks to Team Mom and The Secret Mountain.

The Secret Mountain provides not only great stories with beautiful illillustration but each story book includes a CD to go a long with it. When you open the book be sure to pop in the accompanied CD and you have beautiful and fun music that goes right along with the story to make it even more interesting.

There are so many different stories to choose from I'm sure no matter what your child likes or is interested in, looking at one of the books and listening to the CD's from The Secret Mountain you're sure to get your child's attention and encouragement to read.

From their website:
The Secret Mountain is dedicated to the creation of children’s books, videos and audio recordings of the highest quality. Their main focus is to produce and publish stories and music that encompass the talents of songwriters, storytellers, singers, illustrators and animation artists alike.
The Secret Mountain books/CD's would be a perfect gift this holiday season, why not get them something different and check out The Secret Mountain website.

1 comment:

Dee said...

oh how cool! My son LOVES for me to read to him..and he LOVES music! What a perfect combination!