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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keeping your child safe in car travel

With all the traveling we've been doing lately to Canada and back to Ohio, the girls have been spending a lot of time traveling in the car. Even with car seats in place and secure, I still worry about their safety when it comes to car travel, often times especially with my oldest daughter in her booster seat, you can see that with just the seatbelt securing her and the seat, sometimes she gets bumped around and it can be a scary thing to think about.

We rely on the seatbelts to keep ourselves and our children safe and secure but more often times than not seats can bounce, tip, rock or slide due to a lapbelt or seatbelt not being tight or secure, and if seatbelts are fastened correctly, injury in children can occur. One of the leading cause of death and injury in children in ca accidents happen to be failure of the seatbelts to properly secure children. That's a scary thought!

Mom Central
introduced me to a product that provides help and a solution when it comes to safely securing a child in a booster seat while also providing stability and comfort. SeatSnug is a device that attaches to the existing seatbelt that you use with your child in your car. SeatSnug then prohibits any slack from developing and allows your child's booster seat to be properly and safely secured in place. SeatSnug is developed to be kept on the seatbelt at all times and can be placed in the “on” position when there's a child who needs to be secured in a booster seat. Once the SeatSnug is placed in the “off” position if needed for adults or other times, it will work like a normal seatbelt is supposed to.

Visit and take a peek at some video to better understand how the SeatSnug works and how it can help your child ride safer. SeatSnug is about “saving children's lives and reducing injuries one seatbelt at a time.”

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Anonymous said...

Before installing a device like this, I suggest you check with the experts in car seat installation- Child Protection Seat Technicians. Local ones can be found through and their help is almost always free!