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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diet Pills?

I'm doing a bit of looking and research, honestly, I'm not one to take pills, let alone diet pills. My thought is, if they worked as well as they did, doctors would be ALL over them. Think of all the profit they could make with them if they really did work. How many people would be making appointments for prescription diet pills.

I have been looking and thinking a lot about alli though. I've seen them in the store, yet I don't know 1 person who has actually taken them. I've read the side effects myself, and they're not pleasant, what I want to know is if they actually HELP you in the weightloss process, or if they're like every other diet pill out there that says it's the miracle pill and doesn't live up to the expectations.

I'm not looking for the quick fix, I know diet and exercise is the big issue and the problem solver, however any extra boost I can get is a plus.


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

From what I hear the side effects are a result of not eating right, it sorta gives you a semi immediate consequence for eating wrong. So if you want to keep the side effects at bay, you need to eat food with less fat, it is just another lifestyle change diet, with a little help. I know people that it worked for when it was still prescription only. The side effects are a pain but it is only forcing you to do what you would be doing anyway to lose weight without the pill. The side effect I am speaking of is the leackage, btw.

Miasmommy said...

I personally take them and have lost some weight. I've never had a problem with any leakage because I eat what is within my gram limit. If you do this and a little exercise like walking you will be fine. If you need to eat a big meal you simply skip a pill. It gives you a reality wake up and you start to look at what you really eat. Once you stop taking them, you still have the healthy mentality of eating right because that's what you've been doing. It works but you have to be patient and disciplined.