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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad Hair Days No More!

The trick to turning a bad hair day into a good hair day isn’t a simple one. Most would like to think it is, but in reality it’s the products we use and the time we take that can turn one good hair day, or even one bad hair day, into one GREAT hair day. The shampoo, and other various hair products aside, something that people don’t even think about is the types of brushes that we use to get that great hair style.

That’s were FHI Heat Professional brushes come in to play. With three different brushes available in two different sizes they’re almost a miracle in the palm of your hand. FHI Heat Professional brushes come as a Paddle, Cushion and Round brush and thanks to FHI I got to try all three of them, and I couldn’t wait.

I recently got a new cut, much shorter with layers than I had before (straight and long), with the shorter cut, I style it more now and also use more product and ‘appliances’ for my hair, including the blow dryer. The FHI Heat Professional round brush was a great tool to have when styling my hair while being blow dried. It easily helps me add volume to my hair, without the tugging and pulling of a regular cheap brush that I used to use. The round brush helps me style it the way I want it with the brush in one hand and the dryer in another, no frizz, no tangles, just an easy step that provides my hair with the look it needs.

Finishing off my style right now I just love the FHI Heat Professional Cushion Brush. Using it to easily brush out my hair, or even style it, the brush is gentle and allows me to make my layers a little more defined. I use this brush a lot when I’m straightening my hair, it keeps my hair smooth and silky without the frizz coming back out or ruining the job I’ve just done straightening it.

You’ve all seen many pictures of my beautiful girls, and the amount of hair that they have, never mind the curls and tangles I anticipate every morning. I’ve found that the FHI Heat Paddle brush is a god send! After using the detangling products in my girls hair the larger paddle brush helps me get those tangles out simply and easily. The tugging is minor and it’s gentler than the previous Conair brush that we’ve been using for their hair. I don’t think I could go back to another brush now that we’ve been using the FHI Heat Professional Paddle Brush for the girls.

Not only are the new FHI Heat Professional brushes great for styling, brushing and detangling, but they're also very lightweight. The thing about these brushes that make them better than any other brush I've tried before is the technology behind them. That's right, technology in a brush. The brushes feature vents in the core of the brush which allows air flow when blow drying, the handles are soft, and they're also anti-bacterial which is great for families. The brushes are also as you can imagine, heat resistant as FHI Heat provides thermal plastic bristles on all of their brushes.

The FHI Heat Professional Brushes retail for around $20, which right now to some people may seem pretty steep for a brush, but I can tell you from my own experience, especially about the paddle brush, that once we need a new one, I’ll be shelling out every penny for it. Totally worth the price, I guess the old saying is true. You get what you pay for.

Check out the FHI Heat Professional Brushes and more of FHI’s great products via their website:

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