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Monday, October 13, 2008

My Baby...

My daughter Lyric had her 5th birthday a few weeks back, she was so excited to be a ‘big girl’ and celebrate turning 5. One of her favorite gifts that she received was her very own, pink, Nintendo DS. You should have seen the excitement in this child’s eyes when she opened that gift and got all her games. She wasted no time in starting to play them. It’s been a big hit with her and I’m constantly looking for new and fun games for her DS that I can pack away for Christmas time.

I recently found a really cute game that I think she would love for her Nintendo DS, My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy. This game is just adorable! This new baby doll game allows children to nurture, engage and raise their baby at their own pace with their own sensitivities, instincts and style. How they raise and relate to their baby will be their very own personal experience.

To start the game you choose a name for your baby, as well as the ethnicity and eye color. You then learn how to help your baby grow both physically and emotionally from their first smile to their first steps. You can also seek help from a pediatrician who will give you tips and advices for caring for your baby. Once your baby meets different developmental milestones, you’ll unlock new age appropriate activities.

I had Lyric try out the online demo, and she was pretty happy with it. She thought it was really cute, and kind of funny to change the baby’s diaper and hear it coo. Now already she’s asking for this game for Christmas. I really like it because it’s not one of those competitive games or who can get the highest score. It actually teaches the kids to engage and connect with their baby and nurture it to their best ability.

My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy are suitable for children ages 3 and up and available from SouthPeak games November 10, 2008. You can take a sneak peek at this game by visiting

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