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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Companies Going Green

Going “Green” and being eco-friendly is the big trend today. Not only is it a trend but something we must do together on this earth so that it lasts and lasts for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. I’ve been seeing more and more companies, especially online who are involved in the ‘green’ movement, which is great!

I have to be honest, as much as I love shopping and looking for better products for our home that are eco-friendly, I really need to be more ‘green’ around my home. Do we recycle? No, should we? Definitely! With such a busy day, it’s just easier to toss it all into one bag, not to mention I really don’t have the room. I’d also like to start my own garden next year and start composting as well. Trying to conserve energy is another big thing we need to work on at home.

But, I do make it a point, when looking for any products to bring into my home, the greener the better. I’d rather pay more for something that is eco-friendly rather than something that’s going to not benefit us or the earth at all. A surprising trend lately is electronics and computer products that are going ‘green’/eco-friendly. I really didn’t know that such a thing existed but if you look hard, and look online you’ll be surprised at how many brand name companies are actually moving this way.

I know right now, my laptop is on its last leg, this is something I use daily and need daily as well, when looking at some laptops online the other day, I was surprised to see that Apple Laptops is one of the products/companies who are going greener with their products. Not only that, but I found something else I use almost daily at home HP Scanners are also trying to rid their carbon footprint as well. Who would have known that items such as these and even more such as Color Laser Printers would be things or even companies that were trying to better not only our lives by making things easier, but also take care of the great planet that we live on, by offering eco-friendly items.

It’s great to know that being eco-friendly isn’t just about politics or money, it’s great when you can see big companies who are ready to be more environmentally friendly and trying to do their part to make sure that their consumers are as well.

With the holiday season approaching, and especially Black Friday, the time that most people buy electronics and computer items, why not make sure that you’re buying from a company who supports our environment and cares about their carbon foot print just like their consumers do.

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