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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Happy Company Gel Eye Mask Winners!!!

So today is a day where I really need to get blogging. I'm very behind, but it doesn't seem like I'm going to get done what I want to today. I'm sick. How, I have no idea but I feel like ICK!!! So today is a relax and try to get better day for me and if my head is any clearer (because right now spell check is really my friend I can't think of anything today) I'll pop on tonight and continue my blogging.

For now, here are the five (5) winners of a Gel Eye Mask from The Happy Company. As usual the winners were chosen at random and have 72 hrs to contact me with their information once I have contacted them. If the winners do no respond within 72hrs another winner will be chosen in their place.

Commenter #174:
nurse mommy said...

I cant believe I missed this till now! I like the booboo soothers also. I would LOVE the eye mask. I use a sleeping mask EVERY night and would defiantly use this!! I need to relax too lol.....

Commenter #72:
brandy said...

I would love to win this for my mom. She has so many troubles with allergies that I'm sure this would help her tremendously. Thanks for the chance to win! I would also love to try their moisture slippers! :)

Commenter #82:
msrodeobrat said...

i would love to try the moisture slippers for these dry feetof mine, but the eye mask would be wonderful to help soothe my sore, tired eyes

Commenter #111:
ellie bags said...

Blogged about the giveaway here

Commenter #17:
rebecca said...

Butterfly Boo Boo Soother and Dream Pillow look like good products!


Congrats guys, I'll be emailing you shortly!

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