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Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall and Winter clean ups...

So, I have a little update going on with us. Rodney got a phone call yesterday from the job we’ve been waiting on……They’re flying him out to Tennessee on Wednesday to meet with their corporate office and another Vice President! They’re flying him in and out the same day. I take it that it means he’s pretty much got the job, also considering that he’s the only candidate left!!! So that’s great news, I can’t wait till Wednesday to find out officially!

His other job at Alltel is going well and he really likes it there, his boss is really nice as well and is giving him that Wednesday off to go to the other interview, how great is that.

It’s nice that money is coming back into the house again; there are a lot of things I want to get done during the fall/winter months like redecorating our home. We painted the guest room this summer and we really need to finish furnishing it. I’d love to see some really nice candle holders for the walls and some pictures and paintings in there, never mind a new futon to put in the room for some seating and sleeping arrangements.

We also need to really get our living room done. We haven’t painted it since we moved in, and that will be 2 years come November. It’s an ugly green color and it needs to go. None of my blankets or throws matches so either I need to get some new ones, or I’ll be painting so that things actually match and look nice in the room.

We do plan on doing the girl’s room soon. Part of their Christmas presents we’re hoping to get them each a day bed. They want their walls to look like a ‘princess room’, I think I may rip out the carpet and get them a few bookcases as well.

So it looks like I’ll have a busy time this season and next finally getting this house fixed up the way I like it. And if Rodney officially gets that job on Wednesday that will put a stamp on it, It will get done! I’ll keep you all updated and let you know the official outcome on Wednesday.

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