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Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, here’s a little update on moi! Where have I been yet again? I told you things never go my way. For the past oh probably 2 months, I’ve been having toothaches off and on. I figured it was probably my wisdom teeth but it would go away.

See here’s the thing with me. I am TERRIFIED and I mean TERRIFIED of dentists, so I just hope and pray the pain goes away. Well it hasn’t, and it’s only gotten worse.

A few nights ago I was in such excruciating pain I was in tears for most of the day and night. Lucky us, we have no insurance right now either, but the pain was so bad by night time, Rodney took me to the ER. Obviously there wasn’t much they can do since they’re not dentists, but they gave me some Tylenol 3’s and some antibiotics in case of an infection, in the morning I had to call a dentist.

To the dentist we went, they took an x-ray, there’s no infection, but I have 4 wisdom teeth that REALLY need to come out. So I was referred to an oral surgeon who I’ll be seeing for a consultation on Tuesday. I am REALLY not looking forward to this one bit; I’m scared to death of having these teeth pulled. We’ll have insurance in November sometime so hopefully I can get it done sooner than later. I keep telling myself one good thing, once they’re out, I won’t be able to eat anything right away, so maybe I’ll loose some weight (something good has to come out of it right? Lol). Maybe the best diet pills aren’t diet pills at all, maybe it’s just getting some dental work done to shed those pounds.


I'm the Mom said...

I can totally relate! I am terrified to. I have 2 teeth right now that broke away and I don't have any pain (yet) but I know they need to get taken care of. I just keep putting it off since there is no pain at all. Hope all goes well for you!

Jenna said...

No fun hun! Either way, just think-in the long run, you won't have to hurt! (((HUGS)))

Jenny said...

Hopefully it won't be that bad. I had mine done in high school and the actual procedure was a piece of cake. I felt like I'd just blinked, but apparently I was asleep for an hour or more because when I opened my eyes they were done. The bad part was when I took the pain pills. They had codeine in them and I found out I was allergic, so I got sick and that sucked. I've heard the pain meds are quite effective, as long as you aren't allergic to them :-) It is a little pitiful to get them done over Thanksgiving though, which is what happened to me.

D Lo said...

G, dont you worry, I had it done years ago...all I remember is being knocked out by the gas and when the woke me up and asked how I was feeling I said "do I look like a chipmunk? How am I going to pick up boys' lol...anyway you'll be fine...and yeah you do drop a bit of weight after the surgery...but if your body heals quickly (and Im sure yours does cause you did pop 2 babies) I think you'll be back in tip top shape for your visit at the end of the month...HOORAY!!

I personally think you should get it done here so that you have a sitter for the girls while you heal... ;)