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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woogi World

Looking for a fun but safe place for your children to be online? Then visit this great place called Woogi World! Woogi World is a great online place for kids to learn, create and engage themselves. Thanks to Mom Central we've found a very safe site for the girls to play on, it also gives parents the opportunity to limit their child’s activities (such as the chat portion) as well as allow parents separate access to the child's account.

When you log in to Woogi World your child will have to sign up and create a Woogi Name. Lyric has been playing on Woogi World for a few days, coming up with a name was no issue for her, she comes up with the most out there, creative names you can think of. After your child signs up, they must get parent approval to enter the site. After that, they can then do so many things like outfitting their Woogi character, creating a WigWam, play games against other Woogi’s online, create art and music and lots more. Woogi World also lets kids earn Watts which is “Woogi money” so that they can purchase more items for their Woogi’s Wig Wam and items for the Woogi itself.

Woogi world is a little much for Lyric who’s 4, but she enjoys it just the same. There are challenges such as teaching typing skills while it being in a game setting, so for her it was a bit much, but hey, it was fun for me!!! Woogi World basically teaches responsible internet usage, education and helps them be better people both at home, school and in the community.

You can try out Woogi World for yourself by visiting and sign up, or sign up your child, you always have access to their account through your own parental account where you can check up on their activities and limit things like chat which I mentioned above if that’s something you’re worried about. Woogi World is a fun and creative site, check it out!

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kara said...

Glad that Lyric is enjoying her time at Woogi World. It is never too young to start teaching internet safety since it is in their lives daily. Great post :)