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Monday, September 22, 2008

What a pain...

I love that its so easy to sell things online now. You no longer need to wait for a garage sale, or flea market or any of that business. With the great invention of craigslist and Ebay it's so easy...

Recenltly to make ourselves some more money here and there we've been listing a lot of things on ebay, the only thing I can say that is awful. How time consuming it is to get everything together, take pictures get a listing up, and then you sit in wait for 7 days (or however long your auction is) to see if your items have sold... Thankfully we just made a mortgage payment with the items we just listed, it's a great relief that we had such easy access to selling things online, and making enough money to actually make a mortgage payment. That lifts a big burden off of our shoulders for at least another month.

The downfall now, getting all of our bearings in order, and getting everything ready to ship. The shipping part is the most frustrating to me. Getting all your supplies, the packing, the taping the address writting and then the trip to the post office. Thankfully that job is Rodney's. Poor guy had a box full of things to take and over $100 worth of shipping costs. It was all worth it tho, a mortgage payment plus some is now sitting in our bank account...Ebay is a lifesaver!

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