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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Waiting Game...

The days go on and on and on….and we sit here and wait….We’re still waiting for the job to come along. Although we have had some kind of promising news this week I guess. Our number one pick for a job for Rodney had yet to call us back or email or anything. Last we had heard if you remember that he had called and they told him they hope to know more on Thursday. Even though it came and went, Rodney called them yet again on Monday and left a message. This job is too promising and too good to just it slip past us, he’s being as aggressive as possible to ensure that he’s picked for this position. We keep dreaming about it, it would be the perfect situation for our family. A home office (and yes, I’ve been eying some great home office furniture), great pay, weekends off and a 9-5 day….from his past job being on call 24/7 and working till who knows when, this is a dream come true.

A few days ago while we were cleaning up the house, moving some of our computer desks around the house into various different rooms (yes we need a change of something we’re going nuts), Rodney got a call from the company FINALLY!!!! Basically the recruiter was telling him the higher ups were dropping the ball on this and taking their time. She gave Rodney the email to one of the Vice President’s that in did a phone interview with and told him to email him the same follow up email that he had sent to her. So we did that, and thankfully got a response….It makes you think though, how these people can advertise a job over a month ago and just sit there in their comfy little office chairs all this time and just let people who need the work, who are qualified and a top candidate slip out of their reach because they’re taking their sweet old time…..So back to the email, we got a response that he’ll be in Ohio within the next SEVERAL weeks (*thud* the wait is never going to stop), for face to face interviews, and that he’ll contact Rodney to set up an interview.

So I guess it’s good, the job still sounds promising, and it’s still the top pick, most money etc….but the waiting is UGH unbelievable. Thankfully Rodney has a few follow up interviews next week with some companies, neither pay well, and he has to follow up with a phone call for a third one that does sound very promising….So that’s the update around here, still nothing exciting going on. Lyric’s 5th birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and although we can’t do much, family is coming down here to help us out to celebrate….

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